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10 Months Later: Examining the Impact of the Syrian Committee’s Appeal on Callus

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United nations’ special envoy for Syria called on Constitutional Committee to return to the table after approx year.

Geir Pedersen told the Security Council that “concerned”With the passage of 10 months,” he said, “it sends a troubling message: that the Syrians ability Search for The comprehensive solution is hostage to issues that have nothing to do with their country.

The committee shall resume its work work in Geneva in spirit of Compromise, substance and at pace, adding: “The situation today is so unprecedented that it calls for it.” for Leadership, bold ideas and spirit of cooperation. The political solution is the only solution way forward for Syria. We may not be able to access that in one step – But I think we can progress towards it gradually.

Turning to the ongoing efforts to address the devastation caused by devastating earthquakes in Neighboring Syria, Pedersen said it was “absolutely essential” to provide desperately needed resources to northwest Syria to address the “enormous suffering caused by the conflict”.

“Continuous calm” is also required, in particular in Pedersen said that the earthquake-affected areas, referring to the “creeping creep.” rise in accidents’, including missiles fire bombing and “cross raids”.

Committee meetings started in October 2019 with 150 members are first Cement step to formulate a new Constitution to define Syria future.

Syria got involved in A fierce civil war since early 2011 when the Assad regime cracked down on Pro-democracy protests with Brute ferocity.

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