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16 Dead and Dozens Wounded in Dhaka Explosion

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16 at least people Dozens were killed of Others were injured after an explosion shook A office building in business district of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh on Tuesday.

the cause of The explosion remained unclear fatal building Fires and explosions common in Bangladesh, where safety Implementation is often lenient.

The explosion shook the fourth and fifth floors of until-story building in Golestan, a major hub for wholesale merchandise in Dhaka. several floors of the building and the side The walls were destroyed in The blast sent debris and shrapnel flying through the crowded streets.

more than 100 people have been treated for head Wounds, fractures and other injuries in Dhaka Medical College Hospital director Nazmul Islam told AFP. At least 15 people Including two womenHe added that hundreds of of Doctors and nurses were mobilized treat wounded.

immaterial fire smash out in The building that was inhabited by dozens of Warehouses shops Sale of bathroom fixtures and other commercial spaces. More than 150 firefighters were on site to help in Rescue efforts, a fire Services spokesperson said.

“Our officers are investigating whether this was an act of “Sabotage or accident,” Police Commissioner Khandaker Ghulam Farooq told reporters.

Bus driver Catch in Bang said 30 of His passengers were injured when he was hit vehicle Passed building Like a blast hit. I heard a loud explosion and then I was hit in the head Another witness said, “With a flying object.” people trapped on The second, fourth and fifth floors of the building When the firefighters arrived, they took them to the hospital.

Explosions and fires due to defective gas cylinders air conditioners and bad Electrical wiring is frequent in Bangladeshi buildings and factories. they occur Mostly between November and March when weather Dry and cool.

An explosion at an oxygen station near the southern port city of Chittagong on Saturday killed seven people. a fire and subsequent explosions at the container depot in The same city in June last year killing more out of 50 people.

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