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1st one teamearthquake aid arrive in opposition-held Syria

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the first United nations team receipt in Northwestern Syria, which is controlled by the opposition on Tuesday, eight days after two major earthquakes destroyed homes At least 35,000 were killed people in Turkey and Syria.

Hopes are fading of Finding people alive under the wreckage more More than a week after the magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 earthquakes hit, the focus has shifted to providing food and shelter for the overwhelming numbers. of survivors.

But activists and emergency teams in Northwest Syria has decried the United Nations’ slow response to the earthquake in Opposition-controlled areas, by contrast with aircraft loading of Delivering humanitarian aid to government controlled airports.

“Me, no want to sit here and give Excuses, but I wanted to share That we are all collectively in Same placeSanjana Kwazi who Heads the office of the United Nations for coordination of humanitarian affairs in Turkey told reporters in opposition-held city of to install Sarmada.

Concerns grew for survivors on Both sides of the border, with United Nations saying more of seven million children It has been negatively affected between Syria and Turkey, citing fears that “several thousand” more He died.

“It’s tragic clear Spokesman James Wilder said the numbers will continue to grow for United Nations children’s agency UNICEF, adding that final The outcome would be “mind-boggling”.

confirmed death The number of earthquake victims was 35,662, officials and medics said 31,974 people He died in Turkey and at least 3688 in Syria.

hardly count changed in Syria for Several days it was expected rise.

sewage hazards

The psychological stress of the disaster was coupled with brutal realities of Survival in Cities turned into ruins in the middle of winter freeze.

In Kahramanmaraş in Turkey, it is huge crowds Depends on One toilet is still working in Central mosque.

“There are no toilets, there are no toilets should He is set up in Khayyam,” Hüsne Düz, 53, who has lived with thousands of others in tent city for the past week.

“I walk Five kilometers every day to come here for bathroom. We can’t find any other place,” Erdal Lal, 44, told AFP.

The pungent smell of smoke from hundreds of it fires people They just kept getting away from the cold that penetrated so much of Disaster area in Turkey.

“we need to shower. So there is a file need for wash machines for Dawes said.

helps for Syria

An AFP correspondent said in The destructive Turkish city of Antakya, clean-up teams The ruins and monument have been converted up basic toilets as a telephone network began to come back in cutting of City.

France Press agency teams She reported that supplies of food and other aid were pouring into the city, as well as the heroine.

But delivering aid to neighboring Syria, already 12 years of Civil war of special concern.

He called Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, isolated and subject to Western sanctions for international assistance to help rebuild infrastructure in Country.

A Saudi plane carrying aid has landed in the second city Aleppo first in more who hold of war in Syria, Ministry of Transport official He told AFP, with two more Shipments expected later this week.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Monday that Assad had agreed to open two offices more Border crossings from Turkey to northwest Syria to allow helps.

Before the earthquake hit, almost everything of Crucial humanitarian aid for the more of four million people living in rebel-held areas of Northwestern Syria was delivered through just one Transit.

Earthquake aid enter Syria through new Transit

An aid convoy crossed from Turkey into opposition-held territory north Syria on Tue at a newly opened crossing, it was first Through the door of safety since then last The United Nations said the earthquake of the week.

An AFP correspondent at the crossing confirmed that the United Nations convoy had left in. Meanwhile, spokesman Paul Dillon for International Organization for Immigration, AFP in Geneva said “11 trucks” had entered through the “newly opened Safety Gate border”.

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