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4 Civilians Killed in Russian Missile Strike in Ukraine’s Zaporozhye

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At least four people They were killed when a Russian missile hit five people.story apartment building in the city of Zaporizhia in southeastern Ukraine on Thursday.

Rescue workers transported the injured on stretchers and climbed through the ruin building seek for Survivors after the early morning strike, Reuters TV crew on said the scene.

higher floors of It was the apartment building destroyed Cars parked nearby collapsed. Fallen debris lies about building.

“the people They were screaming from the rubble. He was hard To listen. We were shocked.” Yulia Khrytenko, 36-yearAn old woman who spirits in Reuters Building.

We ran out in Whatever we are wearing. Our cat left There is afraid. We don’t know If he’s alive.”

Ukrainian Prosecutor General office He said four people Eight were killed and wounded in the attack. Five others were missing forHe Said.

Seven of Those who are saved are treated in hospital and three of they were in Anatoly Kortev, a senior city council official.

Among those who survived He was a 30-year old man who Rescue workers said they were asleep on sofa at that time of the attack He was trapped under a concrete slab.

For nearly three hours Rescuers worked to retrieve it from under the slab. “He is alive and well, everything is fine,” said volunteer rescue worker Ivan Zdorovets.

President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned it attack in FB postsaying Ukraine will drive out Russian forces who Ukraine invaded in February last year.

“The terrorist state wants to overthrow every day for our people in one day of terror. But evil will not prevail in Our land. we will drive All occupiers out They will certainly be held accountable for everything “.

Moscow didn’t do that right away comment on the events in Zaporizhia. It denies deliberately targeting civilians, but has destroyed towns and cities across Ukraine in Missile and drone strikes.

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