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5 Most Incredible Champions League Goals of All Time

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Round Witch fans are looking for many players who have managed to break records in the world of football, and the site “in joulesAl-Riyadi named the 5 fastest goals in the history of the Champions League.

And it counts Champions League The most important club football tournament in the world, the final is the world’s most watched annual sporting event, attracting over 100 million television viewers.

The championship has been won by 22 different clubs, including 13 teams that have managed to win it more than once. Spanish Real Madrid (Last title holder 2021/2022) is the club with the most goals. Champions League 14 times.

5 fastest goals in Champions League history

And we offer you through the site “in joules“Athlete, the players who were able to score the fastest goals in the European Champions League, in chronological order for each player according to the speed of the goal that he was able to reach, and it turns out the following:

Dutch star Roy Mackay tops the list of the 5 fastest goals in the Champions League as he managed to rip open Real Madrid’s goal 10 seconds and 12 splits of a second into the match against his German side Bayern Munich , which brought the two teams together in the championship competition in March 2007.

While second on the list of the 5 fastest goals in the Champions League is the Brazilian player Jonas Gonçalves Oliveira, who scored for Valencia, Spain against Bayer Leverkusen in the 2011-12 season, where he scored in the second 10.96 age of the match.

Brazil’s third-ranked Gilberto Silva’s goal was the result of the Arsenal midfielder smashing through Dutch side Eindhoven in 20 seconds and 7 percent of a second in a match that brought the two teams together in September 2002.

As for Italy’s Alessandro Del Piero’s goal, he ranks fourth in the top five fastest goals in the Champions League, as the Juventus striker scored against Manchester United in 20 seconds and 12 percent of a second, in the 1997 Champions League season of the year.

While he is fifth on the list of the five fastest goals in the European Champions League, Dutch star Clarence Seedorf, where he scored for Italian team Milan against his German counterpart Schalke 04 after 21.06 seconds of playing time in season 2005. .

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