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A British Scientist’s Warning on the Potentially Catastrophic Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Humanity

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Warren Henry
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British scientist Stuart Russell said that the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), capable of solving any intellectual problems, threatens humanity with a catastrophe.

And Russell stated in an interview with The Times newspaper that he believes uncontrolled research in artificial intelligence has led to the fact that “we have made progress that we ourselves did not expect,” verifying that humanity made a mistake in the beginning because it did not thought about the reason for the need to invent artificial intelligence.

He added that it is possible that the super-intelligent machines of the future will resist attempts to control them.

“How can you maintain your power over entities more powerful than you?” he said. “If you don’t have an answer, stop looking to the future.”

Russell also pointed out that in the next ten years, the emergence of complex artificial intelligence, that is, a system capable of performing all the tasks that a person can perform, may occur. He expressed concern that these programs, solving problems related to climate, for example, may come to the conclusion that the best solution to this problem is the destruction of humanity.

He continued: “If you teach AI to mimic human behavior, you are actually teaching it to set and pursue human goals. Human goals include a wide range of things… We can only imagine what a disaster it would be for truly efficient systems to pursue these goals goals.” “Goals.”

American businessman and billionaire Elon Musk has previously warned that artificial intelligence will inevitably control itself because it is capable of destroying humanity.

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