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a nail for Almost 400 million dollars in helps for Syria earthquake victims

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The United Nations launched an appeal on Tuesday for 397 million dollars in aid to help earthquake victims in Syria, with approximately 6,000 dead And millions left Homeless because of the disaster in Country.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announces the appeal at United Nations Headquarters in New York, said the money would bring “life-saving relief” for Approximately 5 million Syrians and it will cover a period of Three months.

he added that world body He was in the final Phase of similar appeal for turkey.

After a week of devastating earthquakes, millions of people across the region We are struggling for Survive and the homeless in Freezing temperatures. We are doing our best to change this. But a lot more Guterres said.

He called on Member States to fully fund this effort without delay and help the millions of children and women And men whose lives were turned upside down by this catastrophe that afflicted a generation.

Guterres also Urge that aid workers be allowed to operate freely in Syria, already 12 years of Civil war.

Activists and emergencies teams in Northwestern Syria decried the United Nations’ slow response to the earthquake in Rebel-held areas, on the contrary with aircraft loading of Humanitarian aid delivered to government controlled airports.

Before the earthquake hit, almost everything of Crucial humanitarian aid for the more of four million people living in rebel-held areas of Northwest Syria was being handed over just one Transit.

Guterres announced on Monday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad agreed to open two more Border crossings from Turkey to northwest Syria to allow in helps.

People suffer from this epic Natural disaster should not be made Worse than man-made obstacles are access, financing and supplies,” said the UN chief.

“Help must pass from all quarters, to all sides, by all avenues — without any strings attached.”

United States Minister of The state spoke Anthony Blinken with About Tuesday’s prospects help Guterres called for Possible international pressure on The US State Department said the opening of border crossings.

Secretary Blinken emphasized need for The Assad regime to fulfill its obligations, as stated in the United Nations on On February 13, the Bab al-Salam and al-Rai border crossings opened for “For humanitarian purposes, including through Security Council authorization if necessary,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said. in a permit.

The United Nations has already It provided $50 million through its Central Emergency Response Fund.

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