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Accelerated Brain Activity Caused by Disorder

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Scientists from the UPF Center for Brain and Cognition and the University of Oxford found that the disorder speeds up the brain, as signals quickly travel through neurons to all areas of the brain.

The journal Communications Physics notes that turbulence is usually associated with vibrations during flights. But above all, turbulence is a fundamental principle of nature, ensuring the efficient transfer of energy and information in space and time due to their mixing. As it happens, for example, when cooking, as stirring helps to speed up the cooking process.

Using magnetoencephalography (MEG), the researchers studied the effects of perturbations and thermodynamics on brain function in 89 volunteers. This method directly measures the electrical signals of nerve cells within milliseconds, compared to the MRI method, which takes several seconds. The researchers then created a whole brain model.

The results showed that brain disorder is of great importance for the transfer of energy and information with high efficiency within the brain, as well as in space and time.

The researchers plan to use these results as a biomarker to detect diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Hemmington’s disease.

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