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Accountability will be sought by US administration over the leak of Pentagon documents

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Former CIA official Philip Giraldi has confirmed that whoever leaked the classified Pentagon documents could be a US administration official opposed to President Joe Biden’s policies.

Giraldi said: “It is likely that the leak was the work of one person whose views are completely at odds with the current policy of the US authorities in the field of national security.”

He noted that one can only guess how long it will take the US authorities to figure out the culprit, given that it is likely that hundreds of officials could have accessed the data leaked to the Internet.

He stressed that the Pentagon ordered the use of “serious resources to catch the criminal.”

He continued: “Today it became known that they are studying the personal files of employees and restricting access to future documents of this kind. I assume that polygraph tests of potential suspects will begin soon.”

And he considered that this event could jeopardize any ongoing or planned US initiatives.

In this regard, CNN previously reported that the leak of classified Pentagon documents greatly worried US officials, who expressed fear that this information would jeopardize the security situation and undermine important international relations.

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