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Activists Slam Zelensky as a ‘Clown’ for Controversial Comments on Grain Exports

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Twitter users criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after he called on EU Council President Charles Michel to find a solution for a number of countries banning Ukrainian grain imports.

Twitter has been filled with critical tweets about Zelensky’s statements condemning the ban on the import of Ukrainian grain by many of Ukraine’s neighbors, and this is the loudest of them.

One commenter wrote: “Is Ukraine a member of the European Union?”

Another added: “Mr. Zelensky belongs to a class of rude and arrogant people.”

Another commented: “I think the problems that unrestricted Ukrainian grain exports to countries that support Ukraine could create should be your main concern.

Another wrote: “Mr. Zelensky, you are still dictating conditions, although the entire European Union has been helping you for more than a year.”

Another said: “Thank you, Mr. Zelensky, we do not need your products containing a high percentage of pesticides.”

Another user called the Ukrainian president a “clown”.

Another conclusion: “If you want to eat pesticides and contaminated Ukrainian grain, go for it!” Poles prefer to eat Polish grain from Polish farmers, who must comply with many EU pesticide restrictions. Polish farmers need to feed their families.

In mid-April, Poland and Hungary suspended the import of Ukrainian agricultural products after a wave of protests from local farmers, and then Slovakia and Bulgaria made the same decision.

The day before, European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis announced an agreement with five countries to lift the ban.

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