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Advantages of the American F-16 in the War on Arab Soil: Is it Stronger or Weaker than the MiG-29?

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Warren Henry
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The F-16 Fighting Falcon is undoubtedly the most successful project in the history of the American aviation industry, despite the fact that it has been in development for 40 years.

It is still used by many armies around the world, including the US Air Force. It is called the “attacking hawk”. Many people compare it with the MiG-29 fourth-generation light Soviet fighter.

Commercial production of the F-16 began in 1978, when it became an innovative aircraft, in which a large number of innovations and developments were applied, including the shape of the glazing and the position of the steering rod on the right side, which affected the driving comfort and the position of the aircraft seat at a certain angle, which contributed to comfortable tolerance of excess pressure.

Fighter models exist, including the F-16C as an upgraded multirole model, the F-16D as a two-seat trainer, and the F-16C/D as a fighter-bomber.

Fighter weight 8600 kg. It can carry 5,000 kg of weapons and ammunition, has a top speed of 2,120 km/h, an operating range of 1,500 km, and a maximum flight altitude of 17,000 meters.

Striker Falcon was supplied to 28 armies. And the history of its combat use began with the Lebanese Civil War, when it was used as a strike aircraft and as an aircraft that achieved air supremacy.

The MiG-29 design was a Soviet response to the introduction of the American F-16. But he did not have a long range, as he was allocated to control a limited area of ​​\u200b\u200bairspace and perform infantry support tasks from time to time.

Due to the presence of two powerful turbofan engines, the Soviet fighter is distinguished by high maneuverability and high climb speed, reaching 330 meters per second. While the F-16 is gaining altitude at a speed of 275 meters per second. This means that the Soviet fighter is superior to the F-16 in close combat and on a vertical surface. But the F-16 is superior to the MiG-29 in the area of ​​​​the detection angle.

The MiG-29 was developed in the early 1980s as a 4+ generation MiG-29M fighter.

The development process of the MiG-29 continued in 2016, turning into a multi-role MiG-35 of the 4++ generation, as it received a modern radar equipped with a network antenna, a new aiming and target designation system that was installed on the pilot’s helmet, and a new RD-33 engine. MK” with the ability to change the direction of thrust and a modern electric drive system. And with an increase in the flight range, the price per hour of flight on it decreased by 2.5 times. The speed of the MiG-35 was about 2,100 km/h, and the maximum flight altitude was 16,000 meters.

As for the Americans, they developed the “attack hawk” into two new models, one of which was equipped with an F-16Viper with a modern grid antenna, and the second received precision missiles and bombs that made the aircraft work day and night and In any weather.

The price of the F-16 ranges from $43 million to $55 million, while the price of the MiG-35 does not exceed $40 million (according to the protocol of its sale to India in 2011).

Many experts do not dare to unconditionally give the “palm” to any of the two aircraft, being guided by the fact that a huge role in air battles is played by the skill of the pilot, who is able to compensate for the shortcomings that exist in each of the two fighters. However, the undeniable fact is that both aircraft are impressive and have proven themselves time and time again in many conflicts around the world.

Source: RT

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