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After 40 Years, United States Dispatches Nuclear Submarine to South Korea

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South Korean President Yoon Sok Yul and President Joe Biden announced Strengthening nuclear cooperation between the United States and South Korea amid North Korean threats.

Before of un-arrived senior US officials told reporters that the two leaders would announce measures to enhance deterrence against North Korea, including first hiring of US nuclear missile submarine to the country in contracts.

Washington will publish an imposition military technologyincluding a ballistic missile submarine, to South Korea in a show of force and senior US administration officials told reporters in surround call. Will be first They said that this submarine visit since the eighties.

The officials stressed that no US nuclear weapons would be returned to the peninsula, and that South Korea would continue to lack control over American nuclear arsenal.

South Korea will also They reaffirmed their commitment to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and its non-nuclear status.

“This is similar to what we did with European allies at their peak of cold War in similar periods of potential external threat one senior Biden administration official.

agreed steps He failed to achieve his goal of what some in South Korea called for It is unlikely to change direction of North Korea’s own nuclear program. But they can allow Yoon to tell his home fans that Washington takes South Korea’s concerns seriously.

What will be known as the Washington Declaration will also Establishment of an American-South Korean advisory office groupgive Seoul more information and input on nuclear policy – although Washington will retain sole command of Officials said that her weapons.

Arrangement – the response to ever-increasing stress over North Korea’s communist missile and nuclear tests arsenal – echoes moves last We saw when Washington oversaw defense of Europe against Soviet Union.

“The United States did not take this stepsreally, since the height of cold War with Our closest bunch of allies in Europe. We strive for that ensure it by doing this new actions, these new stepsThis is our commitment extended Deterrence is unquestionable,” A senior official He said.

Officials speak on condition of Anonymity, stressed that there is no plans to deploy US nuclear weapons in South Korea – different from the Cold War, when US strategic weapons were deployed in Europe.

In addition, Seoul will repeat its pledge in Declaring not to seek a nuclear weapon of its own arsenal.

Submarine and aircraft carriers

We will announce that we intend to do so steps to make our deterrence more visible through regular hiring of strategic assetsincluding a visit by a US nuclear submarine to South Korea, a visit that had not occurred since the early 1980s.” official He said.

In addition to submarines, there will be “regular Rhythm” of Other major platforms, “including bombers or aircraft carriers” official He said, emphasizing however that “there will be no foundation of Those assets Certainly not nuclear weapons.

that official said so steps are taken in Offer to defuse potential tensions with Beijing over the tougher military Position.

“We’re telling the Chinese about it in Advance and put out It is very clear our own for Why do we take this steps,” the official Adding that the Biden administration is “disappointed that China was not ready for this use its effect on north korea.

Only Yoon second Alien leader invited for State visit by Biden. full day with The high-level meetings and celebrations will conclude with Lavish state dinner in Historic East Room.

Yoon will address a joint session of Congress on Thursday and lunch with US Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State of Anthony Blinken State. On Friday, he is scheduled to visit the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University in Boston, before returning home on Saturday.

a military Honor guard and hundreds of Guests swarmed outside The White House where Yoon and his wife Kim Kyun Hee arrived for day of Pageantry – and far-reaching geostrategic discussions.

Standing by Yoon, Biden hailed what he called an “unbreakable bond” of the countriesThe “iron-clad alliance” is forged in The Korean War seven decades ago.

Biden told Yoon at the start of Their Oval Office says we “multiply down on Our cooperation as allies even as (North Korea) slopes up that it challenges. “

Yoon responded by saying that the US-South Korea alliance is not a “contractual” but an “eternal partnership”.

On Tuesday, Yoon and Biden visited the Korean War Memorial, which features Life size steel statues of we soldiers March during the 1950-53 war against communist north.

Yoon also Lay a wreath on the grave of The unknown soldier in Arlington National Cemetery and joined Harris for a tour of NASA facility near Washington.

Yoon , in comments in Oval Office with Biden sits next to him sideapparently to direct criticism against China and Russia for What the West considers aggressive policies.

President, attempts to change the status quo forcefragmentation and disruption of the supply chain, challenges in Food and energy security are threatened global Yoon said.

North Korea’s rapidly developing weapons programs – including ballistic missiles that can reach American cities – has raised questions about whether the United States would really do so. use its nuclear weapons to defend South Korea under what it calls “extended deterrence.”

Polls in South Korea show majority of the public Seoul wants acquire its own nuclear bombs, a step Washington opposes.

White House national Security spokesman John Kirby said in a press briefing that the summit is expected to produce “major outputs”. on problems like extended Deterrence, cyber security, climate mitigation, foreign aid, and economic investment.

under new Washington Declaration, USA give South Korea detailed insights about, and voice In the United States contingency plans to deter and respond to any nuclear accident in the region Through the US-ROK Nuclear Advisory Group, US officials said.

The United States briefs China in Progressing on The steps, officials said, are an action that indicates a desire to reduce tension in a relationship in the region.

its just second Biden state visit hosted since it’s took office two years ago – first This guest was the President of France.

With all the extravagance, Yoon’s visit comes in an instant of severe anxiety in the region.

A poll was released on 6 April by Asan Institute for Policy studies in flood found 64% of The South Koreans supported the development of nuclear weapons. with 33% oppose.

Yoon , in Interview with Reuters last week, indicated for the first softening time in office on Provide arms to Ukraine, saying to him government You may not just insist on human or financial support” in the event of Widely attack on civilians or the situation international community It cannot be overlooked. It is expected that the matter will be discussed on Wed, together with Climate change and cyber security.

Washington looked fondly on Yoon’s willingness to do so help Ukraine is seeking rapprochement with other japan key US ally in Northeast Asia and on wave of korean tech investment in United States since then took office, which officials say is now close to $100 million.

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