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After unprecedented mass shootings, Serbia searches for its soul

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Serbia was left Finding yourself after two years back-to-back Mass shootings earlier this month shocked and shocked the nation international community.

Mass shooting and gun Violence is something usually associated with it with United States, which has highest rate of per person gun Property in the developed world.

but, for relatively small balkan country, with a population of just Less than 7 million, in particular one overburdened with Baggage from the Yugoslav war of 1990s, such incidents are rare.

“This is a one time thing in 20 or 30 years old.” one senior serbian official While trying to distance himself under public pressure, after second Heavy gunfire in just tow days.

In a broader context, the two mass shootings left A shocked entire nation has lifted a series of questions and called for Immediate action. Although srt government forced to enact stricter control of firearms, and ordinary citizens, directly or have been indirectly affected by these unprecedented tragedies, took to social media to voice Their convictions and fears, seeking solace.

the various Comments flooding the platforms of the Western Balkans have often sought answers on the background of the events be unfolded in one of The finest schools in Belgrade.

while numerous media The outlets reported the attacks, providing hourly updates, and a blurred picture of A 13-year-big boy, who He cannot be legally convicted of Nine killed peopleincluding eight minors, were flooded social media platforms.

Initial societal blame was placed on the parents for Rare and tragic incident. previous block murder in country has taken place over A decade ago when the war veteran 13 killed in village in Central Serbia. However, the Belgrade school shooting was not first Example of Violence committed by minors. behind in In 2016, three minors were suspected of status of a homeless person on fire.

After the tragic school shooting of Frakar in Belgrade, body parts of information I was shocked public. For example, file father of The perpetrator owns the weapon used in They shot and took him son to local shooting range.

When the boy’s written note indicating the targets came light social media Users came up with Theories about what preceded and led the boy commit Such an atrocity.

Finding oneself

While many attributed the accident to factors such as excessive exposure to technologyvideo games and “Western influence,” some experts have pointed to other underlying issues such as peer violence, loneliness, as well as a lack of of communication between parents And children.

Peer violence is on the rise common issue in Everyday life of Primary and secondary school students can certainly contribute significantly to such work, but it is necessary to include all other criteria, especially family “Dynamics,” said Leila Mosto-Bacher, a clinical psychologist from the International University of Sarajevo (IUS).

she also urge people to look through social media Misinformation and wait for the results of Screening plus expert opinions related to the case to make sure causes that lead for such work.

after local media I mentioned that the boy was a role model student with Excellent grades, psychologists have prompted scrutiny of the educational process and society, which still supports many traditional Valuable. Some suggested it should general focus more on Understanding feelings and inner world of children.

However, Tamara Avendik-Spahik, a psychologist from the University of Tuzla, disagrees with Assumptions that educational aspirations led to this scenario and the tragic outcome.

She blamed it on overdependence on the fact that achievements of era we live in will compensate for emotional voidfeelings of Deficiency, incompetence and lack of communication.

according various media It is reported that the boy, identified only as KK, was a victim of Peer pressure, neglect and isolation despite change of Spells at school before the tragic accident.

Check cause

the media also Details revealed of his relationships with Peers, some of that have been widely discussed on social media.

However, availability and ease of access for weapons, and fact He got weapons training featured as the most important one issue for a lot.

information from various Organizations, including Voxeurope’s 2015 report, have indicated that Serbia is ranked first among Europeans countries in terms of per person gun Property.

to countries that directly The war, which lasted for several years, suffered after the secession of the former Yugoslavia, take control over arms on private propertyespecially in Rural areas, it has become difficult.

However, given that the murders in Belgrade fell into a famous school he attended children of Foreign diplomats raised additional concerns on security and psychological counseling, student movements and related issues.

after criminal The investigation established that the shooter was not under the influence of Material, social media Users rushed to pass Judgment that the boy – son of Celebrity Doctor – The victim and bully most likely committed the murders knowing he would not be convicted because of his age.

in compound environment And a consciously shaped society of past Wars and names of Convicted war criminals, many saw this incident as influenced by how specific chipsets of Society realizes events of The nineties, like how Names like Considered Ratko Mladyk.

domino effect?

A few days after the school shooting in Belgrade and his subsequent murders 21-year-old in Two villages, where eight people 14 large groups were killed and wounded of Citizens began to protest against the government Under the banner “Serbia against violence.”

The security situation in The country raised concerns, and the demonstrators urgently demanded session of the national crowd. some of Citizen demands focused on media and spread of misinformation in tabloids.

the number of Minor accidents that followed 13-yearOlder murders complicated situation, giving the impression that “dominoes effect”I started, with reports of I tried peer-to-peer attacks just a day after the shooting.

the situation over Time has led to shooting incidents more of Politician issueand the government of Serbia found Itself tested through the number of organized protests and announced in the last 10 days.

To appease the protesters, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic called on citizens to gather on May 26 to discuss causes And the consequences of the events.

the government also He launched a scheme that would allow citizens to turn in unlicensed weapons without repercussions, and with equal discretion of last Sunday over 13,500 weapons were delivered over to the security forces.

However, citizens and various organizations demanded more and more like Close down some of the leading Television stations that allegedly promoted negative values ​​that motivated individuals, incl childrenTo participate in negative behavior and questionable decisions.

In the latest series of eventsSerbian Ministry of Education on Wed evacuated over 100 schools in Belgrade after receiving bomb threats amid fears after mass shootings.

regional influence

Unprecedented situation and tension in Country also other affected neighbors countriesAssociations, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, where parents’ associations have begun to organize gatherings with Counselors in the requesting schools more dialogue and interaction between them children.

Reforms in Schools are essential on Several levels and concepts especially improvement of institution-teacher-student communication,” clinical psychologist Bashir told the Daily Sabah.

she added that parents’ Fears in schools in the widest regionBeside in BH can be justified, especially because some schools do not have a school psychologist.

She stressed that preventive measures are necessary in to set of student needs specific assessments of Some students have more processing, and that would significantly reduce Prospect of such cases.

“Unfortunately too much of Difficulties faced by students face remain not specified by the school administration, nor processed, therefore, with mix of Various factors, can easily result in culmination.”

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