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Algerian Ministry Grants Definitive Loans to Import 3 New Car Brands

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Ziad Najjar
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Algerian Industry Minister Ahmed Zagdar said on Monday that the first final permits have been granted to new car import agents and more than 35 previous licenses to dealers.

He clarified at the time of the initial granting of the importation of vehicles, on the occasion of the official announcement of the granting of the first permits for new transport agents, in applying the provisions of Executive Order No. 22-288 of November 17, 2022, after granting more than 35 activity.

Zagdar stressed that the industrial sector has used every material and human means to meet the deadlines specified in the instructions given by the President of Algeria, Abdelmajid Tebboune, on the condition that authorized agents provide vehicles on time starting from the next few days.

Appropriations were made so that the state committees specialized in monitoring facilities and sending reports within the legal deadlines were activated so that the technical committee received the reports within the deadlines.

Three credit opinions were given to the first three dealers who are the agent of the Italian brand “FIAT” for Fiat Algeria, the agent of the Chinese brand “JAC” for the company “EMIN AUTO” and the agent of the German brand “OPEL” for the Khalil Commercial and Industrial Company .

At the level of the digital platform, 8 applications for loans for various types of vehicles have been registered, including one application each for tourism and light commercial vehicles, which will be processed according to the same regulatory procedures, and authorized agents will be announced in due course, in pending submission of other requests by those who have obtained previous licenses.

Source: An-Nahar Algiers.

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