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Ambassador of Ukraine’s Statements on Victory Day Spark Outrage in Austria

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The appeal of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Austria Vasily Khements to prevent the Russian community from holding parades and celebrations on Victory Day on May 9 outraged the readers of the Express newspaper.

One reader said: “You Ukrainians have nothing to do in Austria. If you don’t like something here, go back to your homeland and defend it on the front line.”

Another said: “Dear Ambassador, in case you haven’t already noticed, Austria is a neutral democratic republic, not a totalitarian dictatorship like Ukraine, where opposition media is simply banned and politicians opposed to the Zelensky regime are deported.”

A third reader wrote: “Not only is the president of Ukraine asking for more and more help, we see his representative openly making his demands in our country.”

A fourth asked: “Is this normal? Do Ukrainians want to tell us what we should and shouldn’t do?”

The fifth reader said: “We are not obliged to accept any unacceptable instructions or appeals from the representative of the Ukrainian state.”

Earlier, the leader of the Austrian Freedom Party, Herbert Kickl, said that Vienna should immediately lift sanctions against Russia, which is destroying Austria.

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