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Amused Messi Reacts to Inter Miami’s Situation with a Laugh

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Argentine Sergio Aguero showed footage of his dialogue with his compatriot, star Lionel Messi, after joining the American football club Inter Miami from the French side Paris Saint-Germain.

Inter Miami is 15th and last among clubs in the Eastern Province with 15 points in 16 games.

Inter Miami fans are counting on Lionel Messi to lift his new team from the bottom of the American League.

“I sent the American League table to Messi and told him that his team was at the bottom of the standings,” Agüero, a striker for Brazil’s Gremio, told ESPN.

And he continued: “I told Messi that it is better for his team to be in eighth or ninth place in order to reach the playoff stage with the clubs in the western section.”

The former Barcelona striker added: “Messi laughed and told me we should be in the play-offs.”

The Brazilian striker Gremio said: “I think Messi will arrive in America in mid-July. I surprised everyone with this move in light of the many reports linking him to a return to Barça. But in the end he decided to seek happiness further. than to continue the pressure of striving for further victories. He lived in a difficult situation.”

And Sergio Aguero concluded: “There are many scenes behind football, but he made the right decision, striving for the happiness of himself and his family. Messi must first of all enjoy.”

It is noteworthy that the former English star David Beckham, one of the owners of Inter Miami, has repeatedly stated that he wants to unite the duet of Messi and Suarez in his team, but at 36, Suarez has a contract with Gremio, which means that his departure will not be easy .

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