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An opinion poll showed that President Sandu leads the opposition to the classification of politicians in Moldova

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Chisinau, February 24 – The first place in the anti-ranking of Moldovan politicians is occupied by President Maia Sandu, who, according to 40% of the country’s population, denigrates Moldovan politics the most, according to the results of a survey conducted by Intellect on Friday. groupengaged in research in the field of social and political sciences.
Residents of Moldova were asked to name the politician who, in their opinion, discredits political life in the country the most. Sandu ranked first, with 41.3% of respondents (41.7% in December) of those who generally trust politicians. In second place was the leader of the Shore party, Ilan Shore, with 29.2% (against 14.3%). The third place is occupied by the ex-chairman, honorary chairman of the Socialist Party Igor Dodon, who received 18.3% (previously 13.9%).
It is followed by Mayor of Chisinau Ion Sipan with 2.6%, former President and Communist Party Chairman Vladimir Voronin with 2.1%, former Mayor of Balti and Our Party leader Renato Usati with 1.4%, and former Prime Minister Ion Ceccu with 1.2%. The rest of the candidates received 3.9%. 11.1% of respondents do not trust all politicians at once, and 19% cannot make a decision.
The survey was conducted from 12 to 22 February with the participation of 1,198 respondents in 81 settlements.
Sandu in November 2020 became the President of Moldova on the second attempt, on December 24 of the same year she officially took office. In her election campaign, Sandu promised to achieve European integration, restore good relations with all international partners, and fight corruption and disinformation. However, half of her presidency has passed in a state of emergency, and Moldova suffers from crises in energy, economy and politics, and has no contact with the Russian Federation and the CIS, and since spring the opposition in the republic has been protesting, demanding the resignation of the country’s leadership.

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