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And the governor of Penza, Biden, was prevented from entering the region

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Saratov, February 24 – The governor of the Penza region, Oleg Melnichenko, said he was not surprised by his inclusion in the US sanctions list, and ordered US President Joe Biden and his family to be barred from entering the region.
On Friday, the US State Department said the country was imposing sanctions on nine Russian ministers and more than 40 Russian governors, including Melnichenko.
“I am proud to inform you that the United States has imposed personal sanctions against me. It’s great that I am in the company of 45 heads of other regions of Russia. It just means that we are doing everything right … Moreover, I can” say that I was surprised by the sanctions imposed on me “You know that at work I had to cross paths with representatives of the” collective West “. It’s hard to forget the impudence and arrogance with which I had to face then. The only answer to such behavior is to systematically continue everything we do, “- wrote Melnichenko on his channel telegram.
He also decided to restrict the ability of Biden and his family to visit the Penza region. “I ordered the prevention of US President Joe Biden and his family members from entering the territory of the Penza region. Our region does not welcome people on its territory whose hands are stained with the blood of tens of thousands of civilians, who allow themselves direct insults against Russia and its population. We do not need such people. The residents have long been famous Penza with their responsiveness to other people’s problems, kindness and honesty. Mr. Biden does not have all these qualities and never had. I think he will. No – the chances of correction are very small. I think that this decision will be supported by all my compatriots, “- said the head of the region.
Melnichenko also noted that Russia is rebuilding cities, often from rubble, while the United States and the European Union are “trying to destroy everything”. He added that “the Penza region has helped and will continue to help in the recovery of our new regions. The Bologovsky district of the Zaporozhye region, which we took care of. And any insidious attempts by the West to somehow prevent this will not lead to anything.”

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