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Anticipating the Crucial Moment in Turkey: A Complete Insight into the Upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary Elections on Sunday

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On Sunday at 8 am local time in Turkey, the voting process will begin in the presidential and parliamentary elections, which were called historic and decisive.

The voting process continues until 5 pm local time, and election commissions will count people waiting in line after 5 pm to vote later.

These elections will determine the thirteenth president of the Republic of Turkey and the country’s twenty-eighth parliament.

According to the Turkish Supreme Electoral Authority, the number of Turks eligible to vote is 64,113,941, including Turks officially registered as residents abroad and eligible to vote, and their number is 3,416,098 voters.

As for the number of young people who have the right to vote for the first time after reaching the age of majority, in this election it is 4 million 904 thousand 672 male and female voters.

There are currently 3 candidates running for the presidency:

1- Recep Tayyip Erdogan, current President of Turkey and head of the ruling Justice and Development Party, candidate of the ruling People’s Alliance.

2- Kamal Kılıçdaroğlu, leader of the Turkish opposition and head of the Republican People’s Party, the largest opposition party, candidate for the Umma Alliance, the main alliance of the Turkish opposition.
3- Sinan Ogan, candidate of the far-right nationalist opposition coalition ATA.

While the fourth candidate, Muharram Inga, withdrew from the presidential race due to sex scandals that he says are fabricated and targeted at him.

As for the main alliances in this election, these are:

1- Ruling People’s Alliance, which is a conservative right wing alliance and has sought to include symbolist parties in the complex political equation in Turkey. It mainly includes the Justice and Development parties, the National Movement, the Grand Alliance, Welfare Again, the Free Call and the Democratic Left. This alliance nominates Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the presidency.

2- The Alliance of the Opposition Ummah, or what is known as the Six-Party Table, which is an alliance that includes political parties of different political and ideological origins, primarily the Republican people (Ataturk secularism), conservative national welfare, conservative Islamic happiness. , future, democracy and progress, and democracy. This coalition nominates Kemal Kilicdaroglu for the presidency.

3- Freedom and Labor Alliance, the most important party of which is the Kurdish People’s Democratic Party. It mainly includes the Turkish Workers’ Party, the Labor Party, the Labor Movement Party and the Social Freedom Party.

4- Alliance of right-wing nationalists (Ata) or (ancestors), which mainly includes the far-right nationalist victory party hostile to Arabs and Syrians, in particular the Justice Party, the Baladi Patriotic Party and the Turkish Party. Alliance Party. This coalition nominates Sinan Ogan for the presidency.

As for the most important files used by various Turkish political parties during election campaigns, they are summarized as follows:
The Case of the Syrian Refugees
System of government in the country / between the current (presidential system) and (extended parliamentary system)
-Foreign policy
Earthquake control
Controversial relationship with terrorism
Freedoms, democracy and human rights

Source: RT

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