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Apple’s Eddy Cue Dismisses Rumors of Premier League Broadcasting Rights Acquisition for Apple TV+

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Apple CEO Eddy Cue Dismisses Rumors of Premier League Acquisition for Apple TV+

Eddy Cue, the head of Apple’s services division, has effectively shot down rumors that the company will attempt to acquire the broadcasting rights to the English Premier League for its upcoming Apple TV+ service.

Rumors of Premier League Acquisition

Since 2012, it has been rumored that Apple has been interested in acquiring the rights to broadcast matches from the Premier League. Bloomberg reported earlier this year that Apple was mulling over whether or not to make a bid for the rights to stream matches from the English Football League’s Premier League and other lower league competitions for its upcoming streaming service, Apple TV+.

Apple’s Decision to Disregard the Plan

Eddy Cue has now effectively disregarded Apple’s previous plan to place a proposal due to the fact that the company would only be able to gain worldwide rights. The business wanted a deal comparable to the one that granted them the rights to broadcast Major League Soccer (MLS) games worldwide for 10 years. Cue provided the following explanation to The Daily Mail regarding Apple’s decision-making:

Focus on Global Rights

Because something is significant but not as important as something else, I don’t like the word “exclusivity.” We place a strong emphasis on global rights. Because we are a worldwide firm with customers in every country and a substantial number of customers, I don’t find it thrilling to have something that you can have but I can’t have.

Engineering Resources and Product Development

Second, we are devoting many engineering resources to developing the product. As we move forward, we plan to do some extremely cutting-edge things with the product. We have done several very tough things in other situations, such as multi-viewing of games and MLS 360, which provides live look-ins from every match. We have accomplished both of these things. And this is of no consequence.

Competition and Packaging Rules

Sky Sports, BT Sport, and Amazon Prime Video have all been involved in fierce competition for the broadcasting rights to the Premier League over the past few years, with Sky Sports typically emerging as the most successful participant. However, during the past few years, Amazon has become much more aggressive in the use of its negotiating leverage. Due to the packaging rules, it is impossible for a single broadcaster to obtain rights to all English Premier League matches.

Apple’s Focus on Global Distribution

When asked if this indicated that Apple did not have any interest in acquiring the rights to UEFA or the Premier League, Cue responded as follows:

Apple’s Sports Content Acquisition Strategy

Apple hopes to increase the number of people using its Apple TV+ streaming service by acquiring sports content. The company has agreements with Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer, both of which are presently accessible on Apple TV+ by means of a Major League Soccer Season Pass that costs $14.99 a month or $99 for the entire season. Apple wants to purchase a National Basketball Association (NBA) streaming package.


Apple TV+ is also the home of the hit sports comedy-drama “Ted Lasso,” in which a college football coach from the United States is hired to manage a soccer team from England. Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Apple has no plans to acquire the broadcasting rights to the English Premier League due to its focus on global rights and product development.

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