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Approval Granted for Clinical Trials of Human Brain Implants by Elon Musk’s Company

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Warren Henry
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Elon Musk’s startup Neuralink announced on Thursday that it has received approval from US regulators to conduct human clinical trials of brain implants.

Neuralink said getting FDA approval for the first human clinical trial is an “important first step” for its technology, which aims to allow the brain to communicate directly with computers.

American businessman Elon Musk, along with eight other businessmen, founded his neurotechnology company Neuralink with the goal of developing Human Brain Computing Interfaces (BCIs).

Brain implants, often referred to as neuroimplants, are technological devices that are directly connected to the brain of a living being. They are usually located on the surface of the head or are directly connected to the cerebral cortex.

The overall goal of modern brain implants, as well as the primary goal of many ongoing research, is “to create replacement regions for damaged areas of the brain that have become dysfunctional after a stroke or other head injury, including sensory replacement such as vision.” .”

Brain implants are also used in animal experiments simply to record brain activity for scientific reasons. Some brain implants involve creating interfaces between the body’s nervous system and computer chips.

The work is part of a broader area of ​​research called brain-computer interfaces. (Brain-computer interface research also includes technologies such as EEG systems that enable mind-machine interfaces but do not require direct device implantation.)

Source: RT+agencies

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