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Arab Foreign Ministers Travel to Jordan for Discussions on Integration with Syria

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Jordan is scheduled to host a meeting on Monday of Arab foreign ministers to discuss the years of the Syrian civil war and the end of diplomatic relations in the country isolation.

Bashar al-Assad has remained politically isolated since the conflict in His country began in 2011.

However, recent weeks have seen a wave of turmoil of Diplomatic activity after Saudi Arabia and Iran – a close ally of Damascus – the resumption of diplomatic relations in March, regional relations shift.

Monday meeting in Amman will bring together the foreign ministers of Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Conversations will ‘assess’ of Telecommunications of these countries with Syrian government “To reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

He described the gathering as “a continuation of Consultative meeting of the countries of Gulf Cooperation Council, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt who was hosted from KSA ” in mid april.

That meeting witnessed the meeting of nine Arab countries in Jeddah discusses ending the long period of Syria in Diplomatic wilderness and possible Return to the membership of the Arab League, consisting of 22 countries, after the suspension of the membership of Damascus in 2011.

The diplomats stressed “the importance of Arab leadership role in Efforts to end the crisis in The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that Syria.

The United Arab Emirates restored relations with Damascus in Late 2018. April also Syria and Tunisia witnessed the announcement of the reopening of diplomacy missions in their capitals.

regional opponents to reintegrate Damascus remain, but. Qatar, which has supported Syrian opposition groups, described the idea of Syria’s return to the Arab League is just “speculation”.

12-year war in Syria claimed around half million lives and approx half of that it population They are now refugees or internally displaced.

spaces of Earth remains remain outside government controls.

Leo hopes full normalization of links with Rich Gulf monarchies will help to fund reconstruction of The country’s war-ravaged infrastructure.

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