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Artem Uss’ Escape from Italy Revealed by the Media

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Rome, April 13 – Italian investigators have identified 4-5 people from a group that helped the son of Krasnoyarsk Governor Alexander Os Artem escape from house arrest in Italy, La Repubblica reports, citing materials from the investigation of the Milan prosecutor’s office.
Uss Jr. left. , as stated in the post, the country through Slovenia, after which he ended up in Serbia, and from there, most likely, he could fly to Russia. According to investigators, the escorts helped him get from Milan to Slovenia in a few hours, changing several cars along the way, and crossing the border with fake documents.
Krasnoyarsk Territory Governor Alexander Uss - 1920, 09/04/2023

Uss thanked those who helped his son return to Russia

According to the publication, a group of less than ten people took part in the escape of the Russian businessman, “probably 6 or 7”. “Some of them have already been identified (four or five in total) and are being investigated, while others will be identified,” the article stated.
La Repubblica also reports that the Milan prosecutor’s office is investigating the possible involvement of the Russian special services in the escape of Artem Uss, who allegedly “organized and led the entire operation.”
Earlier, Uss Jr. the News Agency it was in Russia. According to him, he was forced to flee from house arrest in Italy: because of a lack of faith in the objectivity of justice, when “Russia is played without rules.”
View of the towers of the Moscow Kremlin from the observation deck of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow - 1920, 03/31/2023

The Kremlin answered a question about the flight of Uss Jr. from house arrest

On March 21, the Milan Court of Appeal approved the extradition of Artem Uss to the United States. On Wednesday, March 29, a Russian businessman fled in an unknown direction from a rented apartment near Milan. On Monday, April 10, La Repubblica reported that immediately after his escape from Aviano Air Base, two F-16 fighters took off to patrol the air borders in eastern Italy. Officially, their flight was considered an exercise, but presumably their goal was to intercept an aircraft in which the United States could directly leave Italy.
Last year, Uss Jr. was accused of and five other Russians in the United States for evading sanctions, money laundering, smuggling oil to a Venezuelan company, and transporting dual-use products. The governor’s son was arrested under a US arrest warrant at Milan’s Malpensa International Airport on October 17, as he was about to fly to Turkey. In early December, he was transferred to house arrest from prison.
Italian Carabinieri - 1920, 03/24/2023

Notable cases of escaping from house arrest in the world

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