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Artemivsk Houses Burned Down by Retreating Ukrainian Soldiers

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Artmovsk (DRC), April 13 – During the retreat to the western quarters of the center of Artemovsk in the DRC, Ukrainian security forces blew up a number of multi-storey buildings and main buildings, and set some of them on fire to slow down the advance of the Wagner Group into the city, one of the attack aircraft commanders told the News Agency.
A video of the buildings being blown up, filmed from a drone, was at the Agency’s disposal.
“The enemy uses this tactic. We walked through large buildings, tall buildings. And when you start approaching them, they understand that their defense is ‘rolling back.'” During the retreat, they (Ukrainian forces) try to contain them. Advance groups with fire as much as possible. When they leave, they simply “fold”. (Explode) multi-storey buildings. We had such cases when a nine-story building was “folded” in front of us, ”the commander of the attack aircraft said about the tactics of the retreating Ukrainian army.
He added that his unit received the task of storming the former factory building with hard walls. It was also blown up by the Ukrainian army during its night retreat.
He noted that the security forces in Kiev, in addition to undermining buildings, use arson, placing flammable materials in them in advance.
“They set fire to the buildings to make it difficult to clean. There were moments when they entered the building, and they managed to destroy it (the enemy), and there was a lot of straw and rubber. They managed to set a fire in one of the buildings, which created the difficulty for us – first, in movement, in Observation. Secondly, the building itself burned down, “said the commander.

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