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Assessing Biden’s Re-Election Chances Amid Congressional Investigation: An Expert Opinion

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Moscow, May 12 – A senior fellow at the Institute for the World Economy told RIA that a congressional investigation that found President Joe Biden’s family received more than $10 million from foreign sources eroded his chances as a presidential candidate in the 2024 election, but would not lead to his impeachment. Novosti and International Relations (IMEMO) RAS Victoria Zhuravleva.
According to her forecast, “Biden may become close to Trump in the scandal.”
“The exact kind of negative environment that would be created would result in him being in the last year of his first term what Trump has been doing – fighting attacks rather than doing something (in office). That, of course, will lower his ratings. That’s for sure.”
“How far can this turn into impeachment of the president? I don’t think so, if only because there are Democrats in the Senate, and they, of course, will not initiate impeachment,” Zhuravleva believes.
According to her, despite the fact that such criticism of Biden comes from the Republicans, some Democratic voters are also susceptible to it.
“These are conservative right-wing Democrats, those who, in principle, hesitate and can go to the camp of supporters of the Republican Party, and if it were not for Trump’s candidacy, they would definitely leave,” she explained.
US President Joe Biden - 1920, 05/11/2023

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And if voters again in 2024 have “the choice of Biden or Trump,” she says, Democrats will not vote for Trump, despite Biden’s scandals.
The investigation, launched by the Republicans, is designed to prove the involvement of Biden himself in the cash receipts, which, according to investigators, passed through shell companies during his tenure as Vice President of the United States. Those involved in the investigation claim that at least nine members of the Biden family received the money, and that their agents created a “complex and shady network of more than 20 companies” over the same period.
In a press release, the oversight committee said one of the sources of the presidential family’s funding was allegedly “Chinese nationals and companies with important links to Chinese intelligence and the Chinese Communist Party” who hid the payments “under layers of limited liability companies.”
Biden himself has repeatedly stated that he does not know about the business operations of his relatives, but he is sure that they did not break the laws.
US President Joe Biden - 1920, 05/11/2023

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