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Assessing the Consequences of Closing Popular Hacker Forums: Expert Opinion

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Alma-Ata, May 5 – The closure of several well-known hacker forums this spring has reduced the number of leak ads around the world, Yulia Novikova, an expert at Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence, told the News Agency.
According to her, after a number of major closures, there is a lull in the market, because “it is impossible to immediately find and organize a new site and attract the same consumers and users there.”
The expert explained that hackers are now hiding in order to find a new platform to publish ads. “In general, the pressure on them is when someone is held accountable, those who were running the forums are identified, and for the rest it’s also a beacon worth lying low and not glaring at the moment,” Novikova added.
The decrease in the number of advertisements for leaks as a result of cyberattacks was also affected by the fact that they usually have a delayed effect, and a new increase is still possible in the future. “As it usually happens: cybercriminals compromise some infrastructure, the company’s database, steal data and publish it not immediately, but with a delay. So, in fact, the leaks that happen here and now, those companies that were hacked today, their data will be open With a delay of 2-3 months.
In March of this year, the large hacker forum BreachForums shut down after its founder and administrator, known as Pompompurin, was arrested. Then, in April, the largest hacker market for stolen data, Genesis Market, was captured.
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