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Avoiding Breakfast Can Help Russians Manage Weight, Warn Experts

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Moscow, April 14 – Nutritionist Margarita Koroleva warns that late breakfasts can lead to weight gain due to the peculiarities of human metabolism. In an interview with Sputnik Radio, she explained when to eat in the morning so as not to get fat.
The nutritionist, the Queen, said that the metabolic rate depends, in particular, on the time of eating breakfast.
And the nutritionist added that slowing down the metabolism, in turn, can lead to weight gain.
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“Under these circumstances, you will have to try not to gain weight in one day,” said the Queen.
Since a late breakfast leads to weight gain, you should never delay the first meal after a night’s sleep, this is what a nutritionist is sure.
The queen added: “You need to have breakfast in the first hour after waking up. This will determine your metabolism for the whole day. And in conditions of good metabolism, the body will be able to better distribute the energy it receives from food.” .
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