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Avoiding the Dangers of Dust Storms: Expert Advice from Jordan’s Doctors

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Doctors and public health experts are warning of the health risks of dusty weather, especially for those with respiratory problems, especially those with asthma.

Experts also stressed that sandstorms can cause health problems when dust storm dust is inhaled, as the effects in this case depend on the size of the dust particles.

Respiratory specialist Dr. Muhammad Al-Tarwanah said sandstorms directly affect the respiratory system, especially those who suffer from chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma, sinus allergies and chronic bronchial obstruction.

Tarawneh pointed out that when directly exposed to this dust, it leads to irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, leading to a relapse of their chronic condition.

Taravne advised those suffering from these diseases not to leave their homes in such weather conditions, urging them to wear a muzzle and close the windows of cars and houses.

For her part, ophthalmologist Nihad Al-Essa confirmed that exposure to large amounts of dust on the eyes can cause allergic conjunctivitis, accompanied by a runny nose, itching and redness inside the eye.

Source: Al-Dustour newspaper, Jordan.

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