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Azerbaijani Military Takes Control of Dozens of Locations in Karabakh: Ministry of Defense Statement

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Azerbaijani Military Takes Control of Military Locations in Karabakh

The Azerbaijani military has successfully gained control of several military locations previously held by Armenian separatist forces in the Karabakh region. This comes shortly after the launch of an anti-terrorist operation in the area, as stated by the Ministry of Defense.

Iran Offers to Mediate the Conflict

On Tuesday, Iran offered to mediate the ongoing conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, urging both parties to comply with the ceasefire agreement. This offer was made just hours after Azerbaijan initiated its military operation to take over Karabakh.

Iran, which shares a border with both Azerbaijan and Armenia, called for a commitment to the ceasefire agreement and expressed concern over the escalating tensions in the region. Despite having close relations with Armenia, Iran has also been engaging in talks with Azerbaijan to deepen defense and military cooperation.

Increasing Death Toll

The death toll in Karabakh has risen to over two dozen following Azerbaijan’s launch of “anti-terrorism” operations. The separatist forces reported 25 deaths and 138 wounded.

Both Azerbaijan and Armenia, former Soviet neighborhood countries, have been engaged in territorial disputes over the Karabakh region for many years.

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