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Bakhmut Conflict Takes Heavy Toll on Ukraine and Russia

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injuries on Both sides escalated as fierce fighting raged for controls of Center of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine on Russian and Ukrainian forces said on Monday.

Ukraine said that Russia is Wagner mercenaries groupwho claimed it leading Moscow charge for industrial city was pushing forward.

the city This was the epicenter of fighting for months, making it the longest and deadliest battle of Moscow invasion.

Wagner offensive units are advancing from several directions, trying to break through our forces. defensive positions and move for the center of the city”Ukrainian military He said in Morning briefing.

In fierce battlesOur defenders are taking heavy losses on the enemy,” He. She added.

Analysts are divided over Strategic importance of Bakhmut A military prize But the city acquired an important political position, with Both sides pour significant resources in fight.

Wagner head Yevgeny Prigozhin also He acknowledged that his forces were coming up against They are bent on resistance as they seek to wrest control of the city center.

“the situation in Bakhmut is difficult, very difficult. the enemy fight for every meter,” Prigozhin said in a post on social media.

“The closer we get city Center more Saab the battles get f more There is artillery … Ukrainians throwing Endless reserves (in fight), Prigozhin said.

Ukraine told her strategy with the defense of Bakhmut degrades Russia ability to launch more offensive in the coming months and buy It’s time to gear up her bid to take back Earth.

‘leap’ in arms demand

Kyiv Be warned of the city that would fall give Russian forces a clear path deeper into the Donetsk region, which the Kremlin claimed to have annexed to Russia last year.

Russia reported strenuous gains around Bakhmut in Recent weeks, making progress on cordon citybut she didn’t made significant territorial gains in Months.

the capture of the city The Kremlin will submit with a military win to sell to its local audience.

NATO warned last The week during which Bakhmut could fall into an order of days while Ukraine’s leader Volodymyr Zelensky pledged to continue holding city “as long possible. “

Russia invasion of Ukraine now more from U.S year In the old days, the import of weapons into Europe saw approx double in 2022, driven by massive shipments to Kyivwhich has become the world’s third largest weapons destination, researchers said Monday.

“the invasion truly caused Big boom in demand for arms in Europe, which will have more effect And most likely you will lead to increase European countries’ arms imports”, Peter Weizmann, prof senior The researcher at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) told AFP.

Russia attack had ‘devastating’ consequences. for children in residential institutions, with Thousands have been taken to occupied territories or to Russia, according to Human Rights Watch also Monday said.

“This war has shown its brutality blatantly need to end the dangers faced by children who said Bill Van Esveld, children’s rights associate director in New York organization.

At least several thousand children The report stated that they had been transferred to Russia or occupied territories.

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