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Balkan drug lords apprehended by EU police through phone investigation

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Big drug lords in Europol said Thursday that the Western Balkans was arrested after an investigation into encrypted phones.

Europol said in statement that on May 11, coordinated raids were carried out out in Serbia and in Holland to target the cartel’s leadership and distribution infrastructure.

“a total of 23 people were arrested, including the three leaders of this criminal organization that Europol considers high-value targets.”

Seven other members of this criminal organization He was already Arrested in Belgium in 2021.

Two people have been arrested previously for other crimes in Serbia and Peru.

Another suspect has been arrested in Holland on May 8th.

Serbian authorities seized assets to tone of 5 million euros ($5.44 million).

During the operations, 15 luxury cars, jewelry and luxury watches were seized in 35 house Searches.

Police units also seized weapons and explosives, including two sniper rifles, three automatic rifles, cannons, silencers, 24 explosive capsules and five devices. for remote The initiative of Detonators, 13 packs of Plastic explosives, several hundred pieces of Ammo.

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