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Bankrupt Voyager has recorded a $7.6 million crypto transaction

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Blockchain security firm PeckShield revealed that bankrupt cryptocurrency broker Voyager has transferred $7.6 million worth of Cryptocurrency assets in the last twenty four hours.

Additionally, PeckShield reports that Coinbase recently received transfers of 2,500 ETH and 250 billion SHIB from the transaction.

According to what was revealed, Voyager became pregnant out transactions of Of a similar kind recently, he sent 250 billion SHIB to Coinbase and 15,000 ETH to Binance.US and Coinbase, respectively.

What happened on Voyager?

behind on On July 22, cryptocurrency broker Voyager Digital protection Under bankruptcy laws after suffering losses due to the latter market instability and the unexpected failure of Three shares of capital.

The institution in which it is headquartered in United States, he told her assets It ranged between about $1 billion and $10 billion at the time. In addition, the company’s two subsidiaries have applied for protection under the bankruptcy law.

More on Voyager problems

to add For Voyager troubles, a couple of Weeks ago, the United States indicated that the Committee on The CFIUS will investigate Binance purchase of Voyager that proved to be a snag in company recovery Plan.

Whenever the foreign investor wants it buy or combination with An American company and you get control, CFIUS should first Deal’s valuation ensure It won’t endanger American security. This is optional and may take up to year or more to completedepending on the nature of Deal.

If the discussions failCommittee may use that it power To stop any deal deemed harmful to the interests of the United States.

Binance.US, the US subsidiary of binance, announced on December 19th it will be purchase Voyager Digital assets for 1.022 billion dollars. this move He was seen as a way to supply customers of Voyager with a way to access their money.

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