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Barcelona close to relegation due to referee bribery scandal!

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In the current period, many rumors have spread about accusations against the club’s management. Barcelonaby paying a financial bribe to a company owned by Enriques Negrera, former vice president of the refereeing committee of the Spanish Football Federation.

The Spanish Football Federation is investigating the facts of the Negrera case, in which the Barcelona administration is accused of giving a bribe of 1.7 million euros to the former deputy chairman of the refereeing committee.

And according to what was revealed by the Spanish newspaper Marca, the amounts of money that Barça indirectly paid Negrera; This is completely against the laws and regulations of the local football association.

The regulations provide for the following: “observance of the principles of honesty, integrity and sportsmanship in accordance with the laws of fair play, which include, in particular, the avoidance of any activity that threatens the integrity of the Spanish Federation, its competitions or tarnishes the reputation of football.”

The law also states: “The Spanish Federation strictly prohibits the acceptance of any gifts or the acceptance of any properties or benefits that may be exaggerated in accordance with the general culture, including any invitations from third parties that have any future interests with the following investigate the Spanish Federation and its decisions and, in case of doubt, the Secretary General of the Union.”

Barcelona close to relegation due to referee bribery scandal!

It is worth noting that the case is close to becoming one of the felonies included under the Royal Decree of Sporting Discipline, which lists “loss of titles” or “downgrading” as a possible penalty once the case is filed. intimidation or the conclusion of agreements with the aim of manipulating sports results in advance.

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