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Barcelona Files Arbitration Case

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According to press reports, Juan Laporta-led Barcelona are being sued in the case of referee Negrir Nai, the former head of the refereeing committee.

And the newspaper El Mundo pointed out that Negrera approached the president of the Catalan club, Josep Bartomeu, in 2018 and threatened him with revealing all the violations.

According to the same source, El Mundo indicated that Negrera told Bartomeu at the time: “If there is no agreement, all the club’s infractions that have occurred will appear without account. I don’t think another scandal will do you any good.”

In addition, the Spanish authorities launched an investigation into the €1.4m payment by the Catalan club to a company owned by the former deputy chairman of the refereeing committee, Negrere, between 2016 and 2018.

The fact that Barcelona was sued for control

According to El Mundo newspaper, the former president of the Catalan club Bartomeu will be tried in the Negrera case and confirmed that Barça have not been prosecuted.

Spanish authorities have launched an investigation into the €1.4 million payment by FC Barcelona to a company owned by José María Enríquez Negrera, the former vice chairman of the refereeing committee, between 2016 and 2018.

“Neither the prosecutor nor the police have notified us that we are part of the ongoing investigation into the Negrera case,” Laporta said earlier, according to the Catalan newspaper Sport.

He added: “We have decided to launch an internal investigation into the case and fully analyze the situation and will announce the results in a press conference shortly. This is what the club, members and fans deserve.”

And he concluded: “Javier Tebas (President of the Spanish League) has shown his true colors again. He does not like Barcelona, ​​but we will not allow anyone to distort our history.”

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