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Barcelona stuns Tebas as Messi returns to the team!

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Javier Tebas shocked Barcelona again with Messi’s return to the team after the Spanish league president made fiery statements.

There is still uncertainty about the future of Argentine star Lionel Messi, a Paris Saint-Germain player, whether to extend his contracts at Princes Park or leave the French side after his contract expires at the end of the current season.

And the Argentinean Leo has received several offers to use his services in the upcoming summer transfers from Saudi clubs Al Hilal, American Inter Miami and Barcelona, ​​the former player’s team.

Javier Tebas spoke through RMC about the Negrera case, saying: “This is the most dangerous thing in Spanish football. For a club to pay a deputy referee for 18 years, whatever the goal, is very dangerous.”

And he continued on the case: “Unfortunately, we can’t do anything at the sports level, but we do our part of the work at the criminal level.”

And he continued: “After 48 hours of handling the Negrera case, we have communicated our concerns to the European Union and provided them with the information we have. The European Union has no statute of limitations.”

He added: “We’ll see what happens, but I’m worried about the image of Spanish football and I’ll be more worried if we don’t get the bull out of its horns. We want to keep going until the end.” ”

And he continued: “The level of the Spanish League has not declined, we must see in the long term, over the past ten years, Spanish teams have won 60% of European titles.”

He explained, “I don’t like it when a team wins the league with over 90 points. The smaller the difference between the teams, the better for the championship.”

And the president of the Association of Clubs of the Spanish League emphasized: “We have the owner of the Golden Ball and the golden boy, the league has not decreased.”

Tebas shocked Barcelona with the return of Messi to the team!

On Messi’s return to Barcelona, ​​he added: “What will Leo’s salary be? Barcelona don’t have the ability to pay Messi a huge salary like Paris Saint-Germain, who have a gas valve and money that can provide a high pay scale.

And he added: “Lionel’s return to Barcelona seems difficult to me.”

And about his relationship with Nasser Al Khulaifi, president of Paris Saint-Germain, he added: “We don’t go out drinking cocaine or coffee together. No, the problem is that the model of European football he wants is completely different from the one that I protect.”

He concluded by saying: “You are asking me a question on April 28th. Until today, the arrival of an Argentine in Barcelona is a complex matter. The club must lower the salary scale and keep some players from the team so that it can be registered. I confirm that until today, the arrival of Lionel in Barcelona is difficult. .

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