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Barcelona Wiz on the Brink of Joining English Premier League

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Several press reports have shown that the Barcelona star is close to being promoted to the English Premier League during the upcoming summer transfer period.

Barça are looking to sell some names in the team to cut wages as the Catalan club wants to bolster its ranks with a host of special offers next season, most notably: Argentinean star Lionel Messi, Paris Saint-Germain player.

Newcastle look to Ravenue

told MD Newcastle are watching Ravenna, they love the Brazilian very much, selling the player is not a priority at Barcelona, ​​but if they pay a large amount, there will be other words.

MD added Rafinha’s teammates believe the Brazilian is crossing the line with his anger at the transfer as the situation has been repeated in several matches.

the problem of ravegni

Barcelona wizard close to English Premier League

Ravenya’s problem is moodiness in the game and lack of stability at a good level in a series of matches. Recently, he has been subjected to a lot of public criticism, so he showed on the field that he is trying to change and strives for more, but no, this is a surge for one or two matches, after which he returns to his position, especially in front of small teams where there are fewer places.

It is worth noting that Barcelona are top of the La Liga standings with 76 points from 30 rounds, 11 points ahead of their nearest rival, Real Madrid.

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