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Bellingham surprises Real Madrid

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Real Madrid are keen to sign English midfielder Borussia Dortmund star Judd Bellingham and the player is seen as the most suitable alternative to Croatian Luka Modric and Germany’s Toni Kroos.

Many press sources have reported on new attempts by Real Madrid to terminate the player’s contract in light of the conflict with many clubs, most notably Manchester City, Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain.

Bellingham situation at Real Madrid

The AS newspaper summarized Real Madrid’s situation with the player: he will fight for him until the last moment, the main goal is for them, the asking price is 150 million euros, but the royals want to pay 100, good relations with Dortmund can be used. , so there are a lot of variables put into the trade that can raise the Sell value later from 100 to 150.

Liverpool withdrew from the race

Real Madrid surprise Bellingham

Jurgen Klopp admitted that Liverpool withdrew from the Pelli race… Liverpool do have the money to buy Bellingham, but the problem is that if he did, he wouldn’t have much energy left to replenish your ranks with good players. 6 players to buff all lanes..including 3 midfields so they are in front of a choice of quality vs. quantity.. so choose quantity.

It is worth noting that Real Madrid managed to beat their colleague Cadiz with two clean goals in the 29th round of the Spanish League.

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