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Biden Family Allegedly Receives Millions from China, Claims US MP

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US House of Representatives Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said family members of US President Joe Biden received millions of dollars from China during his tenure as US Vice President Barack Obama.

Comer said during a news conference today, Wednesday, that a congressional investigation found that the Biden family received more than $10 million from foreign sources, including China, and that it was illegal because Biden used his position as vice president. . to transfer illegal funds.

He added: “Instead of being honest with the American people, Biden claimed after the 2020 election that his family did not receive any money from China, and that was a big lie that continues today as his family received millions of dollars from China. . and it’s hard to believe that he, as president, didn’t know about it.”

He pointed out that the investigations also revealed the Biden family’s ties to companies that received large sums of money from abroad.

Source: TASS

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