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Biden uses cheat sheet with journalists’ names broken into syllables

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Washington, April 27 – US President Joe Biden, at a joint press conference following his talks with his South Korean counterpart Yoon Sok-il in Washington, showed the audience a “cheat sheet” in which the journalists’ questions addressed to him were drawn.
The New York Post drew attention to this, capturing the moment when Biden inadvertently handed a paper with a photo, position and question from a press staffer who turned to him.
US President Joe Biden - 1920, 04/26/2023

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“How do you relate your domestic policy priorities — for example, reorienting semiconductor manufacturing — to an alliance-based foreign policy?” – says the first question.
Directly above her was a photo of Courtney Subramanian, the Indian-born Los Angeles Times journalist. The note also shows that her last name, in order to avoid awkward pronunciation, was transcribed to the head of state in syllables.
This is not the first time that a sitting US president has offered the public a speech cheat sheet outlining his actions during open press events. In addition, during the few conferences, journalists repeatedly arrested Biden with advice indicating the main points of his administration’s policy and information about journalists present at the events.
US President Joe Biden - 1920, 04/27/2023

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