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Biden’s Irish Selfie Sparks Anger Amongst the British

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Moscow, April 16 – A selfie of US President Joe Biden with the former head of the Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein, Gerry Adams, caused outrage among readers of the British tabloid Daily Mail.
According to the publication, the US leader took a joint photo with Adams, who is considered by many in Britain to be a member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), during his visit to the Irish Parliament in Dublin. As the Daily Mail wrote, in the 1980s Biden, as a senator, called London’s attitude towards Northern Ireland “absolutely outrageous”, and in 1985 he opposed the extradition of IRA members from the United States to Britain.
US President Joe Biden in Ireland

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“His anti-British stance is well known to us,” user Cliff 808 said.
“Sleepy Joe is completely sympathetic to the IRA,” Riley 123 said.
“They used to do charity events, IRA fundraisers, so I’m not really surprised,” dimdom70 said.
“I’m tired of seeing Jerry Adams make such a fuss when Biden didn’t even have the decency to make small talk with Rishi Sunak, this picture clearly shows what Biden is committed to,” Jasperthedog wrote.
A Trusting Soul agreed: “It is clear from Biden’s recent words and actions that he does not like the United Kingdom.”
“The old petrified thinks he’s part of a glorious fight for freedom, not what he really is, taking selfies with politically hidden gangsters,” Antiblock said.
“This idiot Biden ruined relations between the United States and the United Kingdom in one visit. This man is a disgrace to the United States,” Jordanjoner added.
The Irish Republican Army and the organizations “Real IRA” and “Provisional IRA” that later broke away from it in the 70s and 80s carried out numerous terrorist attacks on the territory of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, achieving their stated goals – the liberation of Ulster from British rule and its annexation to the Republic of Ireland.
The question of Adams’ role in the Provisional IRA grouping remains open: he himself denies his participation, but many historians of the Irish Troubles confidently name him among the leaders of the organization. Adams survived an assassination attempt in 1984 and since the late 1980s has been instrumental in the Northern Ireland peace process, which he later described as a “huge success”. Biden is of Irish descent on his mother’s side: his great-grandfather, Edward Francis Belfitt, was a descendant of Irish immigrants.
US President Joe Biden - 1920, 04/15/2023

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