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Binance and Taiwanese Law Enforcement Team Up to Tackle Cyber Threats

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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as part of Its global law enforcement training program, Binance Partnership with Taiwan Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) to provide specialized knowledge and support in to treat digital asset-Related crime to over 200 law enforcement officers in Taiwan.

This collaboration enabled Binance to expand its reach in Offer comprehensive training courses for both in-person and onlineand with more More than fifty sessions conducted throughout year.

joining to fight against deception

in step Towards combating cybercrime, Binance has organized a comprehensive program one- Training for the day program in partnership with Taiwan Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) in Taipei on June 8th. This collaborative initiative reflects Binance’s dedication to joining forces with Law enforcement agencies around the world combat illegal activities in the digital asset space.

an increasing number of people in Taiwan is growing interest in Cryptocurrency It is important for the cryptocurrency ecosystem to feel safe and comfortable for users. This is why Binance puts great resources and efforts into protecting our platform and enhancing its security, in addition to that of The broader crypto ecosystem. We welcome collaborative efforts of regulators and law enforcement agencies in Taiwan and see forward to similar collaborations in the future. “

Damien Ho, from Binance global partnership.

Training program led by a Binance expert team From the Department of Law Enforcement Training and Investigation of over 200 law enforcement officers, either physically present or physically present.

Workshop covered various Critical aspects, including emerging trends in related to cryptocurrency crimeAdvanced investigative techniques real-world Case studies illustrating successful cooperation between Binance and law enforcement agencies in the fight against deceptive cybercriminals. receipt out to Binance team about the effect of this announcement on The industry as a whole is still waiting for a response.

war wages on

Despite their efforts to educate users against Scam, Binance still facing Lawsuit involving alleged “deceptive practices”.

Since Monday, the US regulators currently in Part-time job against Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, and its CEO Changpeng Zhao accuse them of Manage a complex scheme involving deceptive practices. suit adds to the installation challenges faced By Binance and triggered big drop in the price of bitcoin, which has reached its lowest point in Almost three months.

Despite the initial comments from Binance CEO CZ, the Binance Twitter platform was focused on they progress in other ways of the businessincluding the Global Law Enforcement Training Program and cloud mining products for bitcoin mining.

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