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Binance Readying for Arbitrum Listing Following Airdrop

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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the group of Sizing solutions for Ethereum (ETH) networkArbitrum, announced airlifted this month. Recently, the largest crypto exchange by trading Volume, Binance, ticked out listed her native Feasibility tokenARB.

According to Dune Analytics, only 27 unique addresses currently Hold premium ARB coins – including the seven Arbitrum’s official governor. According to the data, there are 625,143 eligible addresses for The long-awaited airdrop.

Furthermore, note Arbitrum on that it website that is approximately 11.62% of 10 billion ARB total The show has been separated for Airdrop. In contrast, the majority of Tokens are customized 42.78% for Podium treasury.

The largest crypto exchange, Binance, tweeted an ARB token The list is coming, as predicted by the cryptocurrency community.

Binance indicated the positive points of brought ARB to its users, saying that Arbitrum “allows users enjoy faster speed And cheaper transaction costs when interacting with web3dApps”.

Furthermore, solve the optimistic L2 scale announced release of ARB on March 17th. The statement came at a time when the platform wants to convert from a file protocol to decentralized autonomy organization (DAO).

like news of The ARB airdrops appeared, and the rogues began to take advantage of the situation. according to a report on On March 20, Slive Sniffer caught 273 phishing sites it claims to be official Arbitrum airdrop calculations.

According to the report, another Twitter account, with user name Launch arbitrationAnd also wanted To lure users into a fake website.

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