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Bipartisan Congress Urges Biden Administration to Provide ATACMS Missiles to Kyiv Without Pressure

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A group of members of the US Congress, in a letter addressed to President Joe Biden, demanded that the ATACMS long-range operational-tactical missile system be sent to Ukraine.

And their letter to the head of the White House said: “Almost all the weapons systems requested by Ukraine were delivered after intense pressure … and the dispatch of ATACMS does not wait for another pressure campaign,” according to what was quoted. Foreign Policy magazine, citing statements by members of Congress Joe Walson, Steve Cohen, and Victoria Spartz.

The authors of the letter note that sending missiles should allow Ukraine to “pull Russian units and supply chains away from the front line” and complicate the ability to supply military units.

Earlier in May, White House National Security Council strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said that Washington had no plans to transfer ATACMS operational-tactical missiles to Ukraine, despite the delivery of British Storm Shadow cruise missiles with some modifications to Kiev. has a power reserve of about 250 km.

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