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BitBoy sells meme tokens worth $78k from surprise stash clearance

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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Ben Armstrong, YouTube influencer also Known as BitBoy, he sold his BEN tokens for 43 ethereum (ETH) less than a week after he was told followers He is committed to holding them for six months to do critics “Foolish again”.

BitBoy BEN Dumps

On-chain data as of May 17 shows that influencer, who rose to fame on YouTube where he has it over $1 million followersemptied all of Ben’s belongings in a series of transfers on May 17th.

he earned approximately 43 ETH from his transactions, worth approximately $78,000 in current rates.

At present, 16379 users are holding BEN. the token price He is also up severely one percent on the last day.

with the number of increase holders, transfers rose to 103,725, prompting total market maxed out at $34,886,097, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Although BitBoy’s decision to sell token He is higher for ethereum (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC) on the last trading day.

However, there is a great deal drop in trading sizes. CoinMarketCap data shows This average trading folders have more From $16,281,055 on From May 14 to $6,164,390 on May 16th. This is a large percentage drop From $93,686,642 registered on May 9th.

Considering the token Launched on blockchain Ethereum, BEN’s trading The volumes are high in Uniswap v3, a decentralized exchange. However, some centralized exchanges, including MEXC and LBANK, do have them also Listed BEN, where they are paired with USDT, world’s largest file stablecoin.

Another meme token

On May 8, BitBoy clarified that it did not create BEN but owns it token. Instead, it was createdon On behalf of of a group He was in Bin Dao is called this made up of Every penny.”

However, Ben remains a token linked with Decentralized Independent BitBoy organization (DAO) it people can invest in.

BEN has no use for it, apart from any other meme token Do for that it holder.

the token joins for along way list of Meme coins are similar to the Pepe (PEPE) coin used by communities of token Believers will rise.

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