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Blinken claims that China may supply weapons to Russia in Ukraine war

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The United States claimed that China weighs up options to supply Russia with arms in its war against Ukraine.

United States Minister of Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday that Beijing may come to Moscow’s aid but warned that any supplies “cause serious problem. “

“The concern we have now is there on information We have that they think of saving a lethal support,” Blinken told CBS’s “Face The Nation.”

Asked what fatal support He said that “everything from ammunition to the weapons themselves”.

flash made Similar comments in a series of interviews with American television from Germany, where on Saturday attended the Munich Security Conference and met with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi.

Wang said then, “If China provides it material support to Russia or help with Systematic evasion of sanctions,” there will be consequences for the State Department official He said.

All together, the US comments seemed to be among the clearest warning However, China may be willing to go beyond political or diplomatic rhetoric support for Russia and be prepared for help arm it in Almost a year fight against Ukraine.

Sunday apparition on ABC, Blinken confirmed that US President Joe Biden warned his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, long ago last He walks against Send weapons to Russia.

Since that time, “China has been careful not to cross that line, including by holding on off on Sale of lethal weapons systems for use on The battlefield, according to a familiar management source with the issue.

Senior Republican Senator who Attending the Munich conference, Lindsey Graham said she was going to be serious mistake for China to supply Russia with Weapons – especially at a time when he said he had never seen one more sure Ukraine will prevail.

Doing so now, he said, would be like buying tickets on Titanic as it sank.

Graham, who is known to be a knowledgeable alien policy falcon also He said he had strong indications that the United States would soon announce plans To train Ukrainian fighter pilots.

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