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Brace Yourself: Okrnergo Anticipates a Challenging Summer for the Energy Grid

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Moscow, May 25 – The summer season will be a difficult period for the Ukrainian energy system, said Volodymyr Kudritsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Energy Company Ukrainego, there is already a shortage of resources.
“There is a certain lack of resources in the power system. Our task is to ensure that the power system is balanced without power outages. The volume of generation that will be available in the summer is limited, so in the summer we will have a rather difficult season in The energy sector due to repairs in power plants due to damages to thermal and hydroelectric power plants.
He added that in order to achieve balance in the energy system, Ukraine has two tools: importing electricity from Europe and including additional amounts of generation on natural gas.
Earlier, the national energy company Ukrenergo reported that Ukraine had stopped exporting electricity due to the need to ensure domestic consumption.
Also in the letter, the company urged consumers to rationally and economically use electricity from 19.00 to 22.00 for the stable operation of the country’s power system. The company noted that the country continues an active campaign to repair power units at nuclear power plants, as summer is traditionally considered the time to refuel and prepare for winter.
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