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Britain equips its military frigates with helicopters

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Warren Henry
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Naval News reported that the UK Department of Defense has signed contracts to equip its combat frigates with new drones.

Thales and Schiebel have signed contracts with the UK Department of Defense for the supply of British Type-23 frigates with S-100 drones.

According to the publication, Thales has developed high-precision surveillance and reconnaissance technologies for the C-100 helicopters, and will also integrate these technologies with the technologies developed by the Australian company Schiebel for these aircraft, so that these helicopters can simultaneously operate with the Type-23 frigates of the British Navy.

The site states that the S-100 drones have previously passed many tests, with more than 100,000 hours of flight testing, and have been approved by the navies of Germany, Australia and Thailand.

These helicopters are characterized by vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, which makes them easy to use with ships and marine equipment, and they can fly continuously for 6 hours, and when equipped with additional fuel tanks, this period reaches 10 hours, and these helicopters can fly at speeds 220 km/h and reach a height of 5500 m.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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