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Britain is in a tomato crisis

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Ziad Najjar
Ziad Najjar is an Egyptian author who studied business and finance in the United States and has a keen interest in media. He combines his expertise in these fields to create informative and engaging works accessible to a broad audience.

The Daily Telegraph reported that UK residents are facing a shortage of tomatoes amid crop failures in exporting countries.

In the UK, it is customary to import tomatoes from Morocco, the Netherlands and Spain. After the UK left the European Union, buyers were heavily dependent on imports from Morocco.

The reason for the lack of tomato material on the shelves of British stores this year is a poor harvest in the main supplying countries, as crops in Morocco suffered from floods and low temperatures, and a cold wave affected the harvest in Spain.

The decline in production was also affected by the introduction of more stringent restrictions on exports from Morocco and rising prices for fertilizers against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis.

“Difficult weather conditions in southern Europe and North Africa have reduced the yield of some vegetables and fruits, including tomatoes,” said Andrew Opie, Director of Food and Sustainability at the British Confederation of Retailers.

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