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Britian’s Alarming Recommendation to Zelensky on Handling Russia: Ignore the Sirens

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Moscow, May 1 – Military analyst Michael Clarke told Sky News that the Ukrainian military leadership needs to learn how to miss missile strikes of the Russian army so that air defense missiles are not lost before a planned counterattack.
According to him, perhaps Kiev should restrain itself and not use American anti-aircraft systems against cheap UAVs, so as not to empty warehouses before the start of the counterattack.
Earlier, as a result of leaks of classified documents from the Pentagon, it became known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may run out of S-300s in May.
US President Joe Biden during a speech about the situation in the US banking system - 1920, 01/05/2023

A great disaster: in the United States of America they revealed what the West faced because of Russia

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