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British Minister of Justice resigns amidst bullying allegations

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Dominic Raab has resigned as UK Attorney General and Deputy Prime Minister after months of allegations of bullying ministry officials and a group of government officials.

The Conservative MP has faced several official complaints about his dealings with civil servants, including allegations published by The Guardian that he intimidated and humiliated employees, driving some to tears before meetings.

The resignation is a major blow to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who will face questions about his decision after Raab was allowed to remain in office while he is being investigated over the allegations.

Raab has consistently denied intimidation of civil servants and has said he will vigorously confront formal complaints about his behavior as Justice Minister and before that as Foreign and Brexit Minister.

Raab’s resignation is the second resignation of the Sunak government, which came to power last October.

In November, Gavin Williamson resigned as cabinet minister after accusations were published in The Guardian newspaper that he had asked a senior civil servant to “cut his throat” when he was secretary of defense and there were abusive letters addressed to a colleague conservative.

Source: The Guardian

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